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Mylo Storybooks Character Education: Courage Unit

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Mylo Storybooks Character Education Courage Unit


Mylo Storybooks Character Education Courage Unit (Digital Copy) is all you need to take your students' learning to a whole new level!  Tried and tested, this unit combines the beauty of children's literature with lessons and activities your students are sure to love!  Come learn how to BE THE BEST ME with Mylo and friends! Mylo Storybooks Character Education Units are just what you and your students need in order to make the most of your school days.  Your teacher self will thank you!

Product Description


The Mylo Storybooks Character Education Courage Unit Includes: (Digital Format)

  • Over 8 Lessons & Activities
  • 2 Fully Animated Videos From Mylo Himself Introducing and Teaching Lessons to Students
  • 12 Journal Pages
  • 8 Reflection Activities
  • 2 Posters
  • 3 Digital Extension Activities with Step-by-Step Teacher Guides
  • PDF of Mylo Goes to School Book
A great addition to your already existing curriculum!
Help your students to focus, set goals, and learn
to be the BEST ME they can be!